As a Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher and a biomedical engineer and researcher (PhD), I have an extensive background in teaching yoga by emphasizing on therapeutic aspects of yoga to make a balance between the tendencies, correct the habitual postural patterns, and enhance the mindfulness. 

My yoga story began from my adolescence when I was following my true calling; seeking a way to release my stress, turn around my bad mood, be calm and mindful. At year 19, I was introduced to yoga by a very well educated and wised yoga teacher. Very soon I was astonished how smoothly yoga gave me the flavor of what I was looking for. Since then I believe yoga is an appropriate solution to retain our mindfulness, healthiness, and happiness.

I have learned an ongoing training is an essential element of being a student of mindfulness path; beyond space and time. Indeed, the universe dispatches the lessons from a real teacher to a real student everywhere and every time. My observation proved this reality. In 2013, I moved to New Zealand for studying my Ph.D. in Medical Imaging.

After six months of diving into my research topic, I realized that I missed one of the important parts of my life which was yoga. I, therefore, started doing yoga in the recreation centre of the university. It was a good start to know some of my current yoga friends and learn more about the western style of yoga. After my thesis submission, I decided to teach yoga again beside my professional career. To upgrade my information and meet the teaching requirements in New Zealand, I was trained by a well-experienced yoga teacher and a yoga therapist in NZ.

I justify the yoga consequences in the physical body with anatomy, physiology, physics principle, biomedical engineering in a very simple way along with guiding them to feel, visualize and heal themselves. When I describe one yoga position, transition or a breathing technique for my yoga students along with the medical and biomedical impacts on their bodies, all of them get amazed and more enthusiastic to melt in the practice and explore their amazing bodies. My goal is to offer my students feeling refreshed with invigorating their internal organs, mentally and physically balanced to be prepared to back to work and daily life. My main emphasis is to help people in different age groups to be able to improve their mobility safely without any hip or spinal injuries. Giving options to yoga practitioners to find easy and fun during practices is my main focus.